September 8, 2011

SIGNS: hand painted

A selection of hand painted signs taken on trips here and there. I remember stopping the car on the road in Vermont to shoot the little red sign, and walking in the rain in San Francisco when this bright green sign appeared in the fog. In Montreal I sat outdoors at a bakery/café—it was Olive et Gourmando or Chez L'Epicerie, I don't remember which—and peered down at the painted window box. In Oaxaca this January, walking the Alcala, I spotted one of the only coffee cup signs I'd seen there. The same for Costa Rica—this was shot at a beach town where we'd stopped for lunch. And of course, in New York City I've passed many hand painted signs, many times—some captured, some not. I sometimes compare this preoccupation of mine with mushroom hunting, which I've tried only once, but loved—you need to stay tuned-in to the elusive object of intent, when suddenly it appears.

Café Kandixa, Oaxaca, 2011. 

Ciao for Now, LES, NYC, 2011.

Café, 600 colones, Costa Rica, 2007.

Window Box, Patisserie, Montreal.

Village Coffee House, Northeast Kingdom, Vermont.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, San Francisco, 2008.