September 21, 2011


We'll, shut them books. And throw 'em away. Say goodbye to dull school days. (Just) look alive and change your ways. It's summerti-i-ime.
Summertime, summertime Sum-sum-summertime Summertime, summertime Sum-sum-summertime Summerti-i-ime. It's summertime!
     —Summertime Summertime, The Jamies. Pop Chart #26 Aug 18, 1958

The summer was fun, even if I barely left the City, but it's nearly done with—fall weather has already set in, and I am back to City College, teaching. With that comes less time for getting out and shooting—my Blog postings are gradually decreasing, and my cache of shots has diminished. BUT, I've got a new camera, a Nikon d7000—a lovely gift for my birthday in August (don't ask, I won't tell)—so taking pictures whenever I get the chance is a given. Here are a few shots, taken recently with the new camera, as summer ends.

One of my earliest shots was taken in Payard Patisserie on upper Lexington Ave, probably in the '90s, and shot on film—see my first post, July 19, 2011. Oddly enough there are shopping bags prominent in both—it's fitting then I think, to end, similarly, where I began.

Payard Bakery, on Houston Street, Soho, 2011

'wichcraft Coffee, Bryant Park, 2011

City Gril Café, Soho, 2011

Union Square, Pedestrian Mall, 2011

the bean, coming spring 2012, East Village, 2011