August 16, 2014

SUMMER in the CITY: here and there, this and that

I hadn't found a compelling, viable at best, topic for another post. Coffee has gotten old, I've said that before, and I need to rethink what this blog is about or let it go once and for all. Sorry, thinking out loud. However, with that lack of focus in mind, I put together this latest post. Mostly its composed of  snapshots taken here and there as I explored my new found leisure (no summer school this semester) with my camera or iPad along, to places I hadn't been, or hadn't been to, in a while. Nothing much happened, as promised, but coffee, or tea, showed up in the course of my wandering, I just had to look. 

The pics below are loosely ordered starting from early summer, July, through mid-August, the most recent. In early July I was called for Jury Duty, at the courthouse on Centre St. Just steps from the courthouse, located in a little sunny plaza, is this MUD coffee kiosk. At the Cathedral of ST John the Divine, on the upper Westside—a magnificent community church with an interesting history—I went to see Xu Bing's 'Phoenix,' a magical installation soaring aloft the Cathedral nave. The local Hungarian Pastry Shop, diagonally across the street, is still there, as it has been for as long as I can remember. In early August, a haircut on the Lower Eastside (I love Melissa!) took me by another MUD kiosk, the hub of a small neighborhood park/playground, First Park really, but locally known as MudPark. Below that is Ollie, my gal-pal, on a day trip we took via the East River Ferry to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Ollie enjoyed the grass (near non existent in our neighborhood) and I had a Pink lemonade-tea. Last week I treated myself to a Fringe Festival one woman performance by an octogenarian actor, Jean Shepard, in her Confessions of an Old Lady #2 (the title taken from a sign that had designated her dressing room door). (Camp, but fun, what else to say.) And, just south of the theater, the C.O.W, on Clinton Street, in front of a funky coffee shop, this great sign appeared, "Coffee that Doesn't Suck." Encore!

Find links and a few related facts below the photos in captions.

MUD. Near the Courthouse, Centre St.
Phoenix:Xu Bing at the Cathedral. 
St John the Divine, Amsterdam Ave @ 112th Street
The Hungarian Pastry Shop, Amsterdam Avenue.
"... customer loyalty has made it possible for the Pastry Shop—known for its bohemian crowd of students, professors, and a few notable authors—to celebrate its 50th anniversary with 50-cent pastries and coffee on April 20. "
MUD again, MudPark. First Park, 1st St. and 1st Ave.
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Olivia, and pink lemonade-tea. Brooklyn Bridge Park.
"Coffee That Doesn't Suck" sign. Clinton St. LES.