November 22, 2012

LENOX COFFEE: Photography exhibition

Lenox Coffee. What a nice discovery. Recently stopped there one afternoon, after class (it's close to City College, where I teach) to see a fellow teacher's, Lynne St. Clare's, show of photographs taken while traveling in Cuba. The combination of a new café to discover, and photographs of Cuba, a favorite place where I had traveled as well, seemed the perfect destination. The café is a sweet, comfy spot, not unlike hanging out at a friend's place. Winter light filtered through the front windows and the photographs, computer and cell phone screens vibrated cool blue. Everyone was entirely absorbed in one way or the other—a big mug of hot coffee, maybe a pastry, as accompaniment. The manager tells me people visit from all over, even outside, the City—I can see why. 

Lenox Coffee, 129th Street, Harlem, November 2012.

Cool Blue, Lenox Coffee.

Lynne St. Clare. Young Man Outside Gallery, Havana, Cuba, digital print, ND.

You can see more of these images at:

Lynne St. Clare-Foster is an illustrator who has recently added photo-journalism to her oeuvre, documenting everyday lives of people in the places she has visited, including Malaysia, and New Orleans after Katrina. The photographs that were on view (they came down on the 17th) at Lenox Coffee were taken on a recent trip to Cuba.