October 25, 2012


The Public Theater threw itself a block party and invited the neighbors to celebrate its recent extensive renovation. I grabbed the dog and my camera and headed downtown to join the festivities. It was another beautiful Fall day and lots of NYorkers were out, but the crowd was manageable and everyone was in good spirits. I thought Ollie (the dog) might balk at all the people gathered but she seemed rather to enjoy it—found herself a space on the steps in front of the theater and lay down in the sun. We chatted with some fellow dog walkers, but the food trucks beckoned so I bought a Kobi beef hot dog (with sauerkraut) from one of the vendors and found another spot to sit, on a window ledge, and shared the hot dog with the dog (without the sauerkraut).

No dogs allowed on the tours of the interior renovation, and you really couldn't get near enough to the outdoor performance stage, but the weather was still lovely so after a while we took off and walked uptown through the Village. I made another stop at another of my favorite spots, Liquiteria, and had a hot spiced chai—pics below—sat on a bench out front taking in the last of the sun's rays, and home again.

Public Theater Block Party, October 2012

Food Trucks and performance stage @ the Block Party.

Liquiteria is known for their fruit 'power' smoothies and vegetable 'health' drinks‚ they also have good coffee and make my favorite Chai.

Coffee Break (hot chai) at Liquiteria, Second Ave. @ 11th St.

Blast of pink, 'Berry Powerful' smoothie.