January 8, 2012

HOT COFFEE: winter respite

After running errands, or just wandering the City, if you are anything like me, your thoughts turn to finding some 'cozy' spot to tuck into, rest body and soul, and recuperate, with a hot cup of coffee. These few photos were taken after the frenzied hustle of Christmas and New Year's, while shopping the sales, if not much in the way of 'bargains,' along 7th and 9th Streets in the East Village, and some of my favorite stores. The tinsel was still up in many windows, and it was an unseasonably warm, snowless day, but still the signs promised escape from the cold—needs met.

$9.95, East Village, 2012

Open, East Village, 2012

Mudspot Café, 9th Street, East Village, 2012

MUD has good coffee and a faux rustic, 60s atmosphere that appeals to my former Hippie sensibility, but it's usually way too crowded. Van Leeuwen's, of Food Truck fame, has REALLY good hot chocolate, and it's quiet and relaxed.

Van Leeuwen's, 7th Street, East Village, 2012