August 15, 2011

SIGNS: JOE and others

A cup of Joe' refers to the GIs' [as in GI Joe] favorite drink. During World War II the US armed forces were supplied with as much coffee as they wanted. The term was in popular use in the States in the 1930s and 40s. 

Joe, West Village, 2010

Jittery Joe's, Midtown East, 2011

My Friend Joe, Sebastapol, CA, 2008

 Jittery Joe's (OHM), street sign, 2011

Bluedog Café, Chelsea, 2008

Landmark Coffee Shop, Soho, 2010

Landmark has a new awning—this one had certainly seen better days. Granted, it's an odd thing to notice, but I'd walked by the place for years—Landmark is one of those New York fixtures—and just a week or so ago I walked by again, and there it was, a bright new awning. That small change underscored for me, again, the transient nature of our neighborhoods, with their attendant shops, and signs, and the changing social strata that make those neighborhoods home.