August 1, 2011

CAFES: coffee cups, computers and cell phones

"There are ten or so cafés behind the little tables, most of them pleasant both inside and out... but the ones preferred by Anne and Mary and by Boss Dog, who was something of an instinctive snob... were his own Glacier at one end of the Cours, owned by the dog and his stylishly dressed mistress, and the Deux Garcons at the other end. ..." "The girls and their mother soon got into the agreeable Aixois habit of stopping at either the one or the other for lemonade hot chocolate vanilla ice cream dry vermouth brandy even coffee even plain soda water."  —MFK Fisher, The Boss Dog: a story of Provence, 1991
Olivia, café around the corner, 47th St off 1st Ave., 2004.

I've been taking pictures at cafés since my earliest trips to Europe—Paris in particular—before there were any of the sort in New York City. I can remember being awed by the culture of those cafés, by the 'civility,' the charming coffee and tea service, and by the ambience—where you could linger over a cup of coffee, for hours if you liked, caught up in the buzz, or steeped in an aura of invisibility—alone with your book, postcards home or simply your own thoughts. My aim was, and is still, to record 'the moment,' with my camera.

Café Lipp, Paris, the early 80s.

L'Avazza, Le Gamin Soho, 90s.

9th Street Café, East Village, 2010.


NO PETS, East Village, 2010.

CityGirl Café, Soho, 2010.

V Bar, Washington Sq., 2010.
Bluebird Café, East Village, 2011.