November 8, 2013

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: A serious coffee shop and an outdoor café.

Let's see, where exactly have I been since June of this past summer? That's a misleading question because the answer is, not anywhere really except close to home, and I haven't posted to the blog in all that time. There are reasons and excuses, but no matter, I'm now working up the energy to get back to it.

So here is my first new post in a while, and, just in time, two new coffee shops opened over the summer, each just around the corner from my home. Dag's is a takeout place with freshly made and boxed food to go, and Illy coffee. It's located in a tiny Parks Department concession on 47th Street off First Avenue. This is its fifth incarnation I believe, and sadly, none successful beyond one summer, but Dag's may be a winner. The orange themed logo, awning, tables and chairs are a playful enticement, and so far they've had no trouble filling up the spots at lunch time. Once in a while I stop there mornings when I walk the dog, and get an Americano to go, or we'll sit and enjoy some leisure time, and some (as fresh as it gets midtown) air.

The other, PennyLane, is round the corner on 45th Street, off of Second Ave., and it's for serious coffee lovers, surprising for a rather dead street, but the UN is just down the block (from both places actually) and the clientele is often made up of a cross section of the world where good coffee is appreciated. PennyLane serves Stumptown coffee. The cafe itself is spartan, with modern tasteful furnishings. You can buy a choice of pastries, but it's really all about the coffee.

Both are welcome spots in this neighborhood—I've written about the dearth of good coffee and cafes in this neighborhood, and this past year I posted—with fanfare—about the arrival of Macaron, on Second Ave—happily, it's doing well.

Coffee at DAG's outdoor cafe on 47th St and First Ave.
Boxed lunch—burgers, salads and sandwiches.

PennyLane on 45th and Second.

The signboard changes daily—words to the wise, or just a 'bon mot.' 
Coffee lovers.
A serious Barista!
And, around the corner at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Starbucks al fresco.

Ana Tsarev's red fiberglass flower sculpture, LOVE.