July 19, 2012

MONTAUK: Iced coffee

I read on someone's blog recently that she had forgotten to take her camera on a weekend trip and sulked the entire time—I can commiserate—to a blogger forgetting your camera is unthinkable, unfortunately, I do it all the time, despite 'CAMERA' being clearly printed on a yellow sticky at the front door. So it was a happy occasion that I had brought my camera along this weekend on a visit to Montauk—to my brother's and sister in law's sweet cottage.

Montauk is located at the tip of Long Island, originally home to the Montaukett tribe, and later to cattle ranchers and fishermen—Stanford White built summer homes there in the 1880s and many still stand on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic. Sadly, Montauk is the latest of the Hampton towns to be overrun with urban New Yorkers and tourists, but it is still exceptionally beautiful and rustic around the edges.

I managed to get some pics—when, I remembered to take the camera with me—'the' coffee shot for sure, but not the glorious sail on the proverbial shining sea, and not the bright pink iced watermelon drink at the outdoor Mexican road stop. Here's the iced cappuccino at Coffee Tauk—good grinds—a shot of the sweet cottage, and one of Ollie, my gal pal, hangin' in the hammock with me. Summer pleasures.

Iced Cappuccino, Coffee Tauk, Montauk, July 2012.
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Coffee Tauk, Sunday Morning.

The Cottage.

Hanging out in the hammock with Ollie.